Rhuby Delights Chocolate Tasmania

Tasmanian handmade chocolates

Welcome to the home of Rhuby – quality Tasmanian handmade chocolates with a delicious, crunchy centre of freeze dried pure Tasmanian fruits, berries and rhubarb. These 100% Tasmanian made chocolates are free from all artificial preservatives, flavours or colours and are nut and gluten free.

Rhuby is the brainchild of Malcolm Ryan – who prides himself as being known as the eccentric chocolatier. Starting out in May 2015, Malcolm pioneered a revival of rhubarb by freeze drying it, then coating it in quality dark chocolate. And so Rhuby Delights was born. The Rhuby chocolate range has since expanded to include a range of rhubarb with a hint of lime, a hint of ginger and a hint of orange and there you have the delightfully different Rhuby Delights chocolate range. The next step for Malcolm was to launch his Rhuby Creations range of 100% Tasmanian grown raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, cherry, apricot, blackcurrant and feijoa all freeze dried and coated in 54% dark chocolate. Add to this the taste sensations of pepperberries, coffee beans, coconut ice cream and hot chocolate and unless you don’t like chocolate, and who doesn’t, then there is an experience for all.

We use high-quality single origin chocolate and cocoa sourced from the Barry Callebaut Group, which has been producing chocolate for more than 150 years. The Barry Callebaut Group is a world leading manufacturer and ensures we meet not only our values in quality and sustainability but also the families and the communities that grow the cacao beans.

Proudly based in Latrobe, North West Tasmania, Rhuby has been a pioneer from the beginning. Introducing the Rhuby Delights into the chocolate market in 2015, the company now holds the patent for the process of pureeing any fruit or vegetable and transforming it into a freeze dried, chocolate coated ball. Innovation and quality are always centre of mind at Rhuby, which has helped to make it one of Tasmania’s unique chocolate businesses.

Rhuby products are now stocked across Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales in a range of gourmet stores, smaller supermarkets, providores and tourism destinations, which are listed on find a stockist and can also be purchased right here on our online store. With other Australian states now in Rhuby’s sights, it is only a matter of time before Rhuby becomes a household name across Australia. Rhuby is also looking to expand further afield with several exporting opportunities currently being pursued.

Rhuby produces its own chocolate-coated products using Turners Beach Berry Patch, Westerway Raspberry Farm and own-grown raw fruits, berries and Rhubarb. Malcolm works with Tasmanian-based Forager Foods to freeze dry these fruits and vegetables – yes Rhubarb is a vegetable – to transform them into the Rhuby product range.

Please treat yourself and introduce your family and friends to the delicious range of Rhuby gourmet treats.

Contact us on 0407 822 411 or email Malcolm at malcolm@rhubydelights.com.au to find out more.