chocolate coated

Complete Rhuby Delights Collection

x 15 packs

$130 per Collection

Indulge with THE COMPLETE COLLECTION and experience all the flavours that Rhuby Delights has to offer.

Perfect for entertaining, sharing or when you’re looking for a little self-indulgence.

Delicious and with a WOW in every chocolate centre.

This collection contains:
1 x Raspberries
1 x Strawberries
1 x Blackcurrants
1 x Blackberries
1 x Pepperberries
1 x Feijoas
1 x Aussie Ginger
1 x Apricots
1 x Cherries
1 x Coconut Ice-Cream
1 x Rhubarb Original
1 x Rhubarb with Real Limes
1 x Rhubarb with Real Oranges
1 x Rhubarb with Real Ginger
1 x Coffee Beans

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