There’s a WOW in every chocolate centre.

Inspired by his love of Tasmania and the people, products and environment that emanate from the state, founder Malcolm Ryan set out to create products that were ‘delightfully different’ and began growing an extraordinary variety of rhubarb on his family farm.

Then, in 2013 he had a lightbulb moment: transform rhubarb into a delicious freeze-dried treat coated in quality chocolate. Starting from the ground up, developing what was to become our patented process, in his Latrobe premises he produced something extraordinary. In Malcolm's words, "We made rhubarb new again". Perfectly polished chocolate balls with a crunchy, intense, full flavoured centre.

Malcolm and the Rhuby Delights van

A taste of Tasmania - coated in real chocolate!

Rhuby Delights are the perfect chocolate treat for the whole family.

Our products are made from real, quality Tasmanian fruit, nuts, coffee beans and ingredients sourced from Tasmania before being coated in a real luscious chocolate. Every one is sure to delight.

There’s a Rhuby Delight chocolate to satisfy every palate, there are 18 incredible flavour options to choose from, including our new chocolate coated liquorice, honey roasted macadamias and salted roasted macadamias.

Our products are all unique. Our fruit is freeze-dried to provide an intense flavour, our coffee beans and nuts are roasted to perfection before being coated in rich, luscious real chocolate. The Rhuby Delights team then carefully hand roll and polish the chocolates for you to enjoy.

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