Where’s Malcolm?

Last week I was the guide for my Graphic Designer Anita from Stream Art Design and her husband Calin and Father John around the waterfalls behind Burnie. My partner Cheryl also tagged along as she had not seen them before either. 

Upper Cam Falls

We visited Guide, Serpentine, Sanderson, St Joseph, Cam, Owen Brook and Upper Cam Falls. We had lunch and a bottle of Rhuby Bubbles at West Ridgley in friends’ Garden Gazebo which everybody enjoyed. 

St Joseph Falls

I have been banging on about the waterfall tourism potential for years but nobody seems to have the get-up and go to make it happen. The west Ridgely area is just 20 minutes from Burnie and there could be a world-class eco-tourism venture with walking tracks, mountain bike tracks, abseiling, viewing platforms, luge, eateries and accommodation.

Sanderson Falls