Where’s Malcolm

Last week my partner and I flew to Flinders Island for a few reasons. Neither of us had been to Flinders Island.

My partner Cheryl and the baby wombat

We are trying to spread the love around and help Tasmanian businesses to not only survive but thrive. I urge everyone to think about where the product is coming from before they purchase. We all need to support Tasmanian products, experiences, cafes and restaurants as a priority. I believe that Tasmanians spent well in excess of 1 Billion dollars outside of Tasmania last year. If we can all spend that disposable income, here in Tasmania, most people and businesses will go ok.

Pastie Rock

Back to Flinders Island now, lol. We had a great time and seen some amazing views.

Mount Strzelecki – across the bay

I was only there half an hour and felt like I went home to Elliott in the 1970s where everyone waved to you on the road. Nobody locked their cars or houses, everyone knew about everyone else etc.
The beaches were spectacular, we even managed to find a Killiecrankie diamond on Killiecrankie Beach. The wildlife was everywhere with Kangaroo, Wombats, Pheasants and Cape Barron Geese. The most amazing thing to me was the 1000s of Black Angus cattle up through the middle of the Island. I have never seen so many cattle in one place in all my life.

Lady Barron towards Cape Barron