Where’s Malcolm?

Last week I had a visit to the Rhuby Centre by Jacqui Lambie to view where I have grown to in the last 3 years. Jacqui last visited me when I was based at Devonfield Enterprises. We discussed Government support programs and training opportunities for disadvantaged youth, R&D Tax policy and the ASBAS (Australian Small Business Advisory Service) Program. 

As you can see by the photo in the car Jacqui could not wait till she got back to the office to get into the Rhuby treats, well you can’t blame her can you, lol.

On Friday I turned left at Colebrook en route to Hobart and travelled to Tunnack and onwards to Woodsdale. Here I found an old shed clad in Shell cans that have been cut and flattened and used like weatherboards or shingles. I am not really sure if they were kerosene tins or what? I then drove through Levendale then to Sorell then to Hobart.