The Rhuby Compost Bin

This is the 4th Compost Bin that I have made since 1990 but this one made out of Macrocarpa timber is by far the classiest one. This is a community compost facility as I am encouraging any business that wants to compost their waste to get involved. I have already got partners in The Cherry Shed and Bridge Pro who kindly assisted with concrete to cement the posts in with. 

It is already in production sourcing composting worms from Graeme Stevenson in Somerset. Graeme is the Tasmanian Authority on Earthworms and Dung Beatles, and this year was Tasmania’s Senior of the year recipient in recognition of his 30 years contribution to Landcare, Earthworms and Dung Beatles.

The Rhuby Compost facility is an authentic contribution to the Rhuby business. Organic principles have been part of my life and my late mother and father were pioneers in organic principles, my Mums motto was waste not, want not. All green waste from The Rhuby Centre and The Cherry Shed will be the core waste streams, but other households or businesses interested in being involved are welcome.