Tasting Information and Analogies

The Rhuby range can be best described as all having two similar traits, they all have a crunchy freeze dried centre and are coated in dark chocolate. That is a bit like a group at a party or church, they are all humans dressed in clothes, well mostly, but they all have different personalities.


Raspberries – they are loud ones, but everyone loves them
Strawberries – the smooth talker
Blackberry – a bit rough, but gets on well
Blackcurrant – the quick talker
Cherry – the quiet ones
Feijoa – funny little things
Coconut Icecream – they don’t say much, but you like them
Coffee Beans – don’t know what it is about them, but they make you feel good
Apricot – the sophisticated one
Pepperberry – once you get to know them they get noisy
Original – Bit of a tart
Lime – they’re in your face in a nice way
Orange – loves a wine
Ginger – always looking for a whisky


Then there are the ones that have not been born yet that are still just a twinkle in the eye or are in gestation and in Rhuby’s case this is called Research and Development. There is always something brewing at Rhuby.
All Rhuby fruits and berries are 100% pure Tasmanian and are grown with low chemical and insecticide inputs. Businesses such as Westerway Raspberry Farm and Turners Beach Berry Patch are key Rhuby suppliers and Malcolm is proud to say they both are just as authentic as Rhuby. Due to this Rhuby products are generally healthy for you as they are grown and produced with sound environmental practices, quality chocolate and are packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals, and they are Tasmanian, so they must be good.