About Us

Rhuby is based in Latrobe, in the North West of Tasmania, which is a proud agricultural area that has fast built an excellent reputation for award-winning food and wine. Whether it be cheese, wine, whisky or chocolate, Rhuby is proud to be based here in what is sometimes referred to as the food bowl of Australia – first spruiked by former Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett in 2009 and more recently by nature as the mainland states of Australia buckle under drought conditions.

Pioneering the Rhuby Delights range with rhubarb coated in dark chocolate, Rhuby has since grown from its original vision to now being able turn any fruit or vegetable into a a range of freeze dried chocolate coated treats with Malcolm’s patented process. Add to this coffee beans, Tasmanian pepperberries and even coconut ice cream – yes that’s right coconut ice cream – are made into delicious Tasmanian made chocolate covered treats.

Rhuby Innovations Pty Ltd is the brainchild of fifth Generation Tasmanian, Malcolm Ryan, who now is better known as the eccentric chocolatier. In 2013 Malcolm had a light bulb moment – to take an extraordinary variety of rhubarb from his family farm and transform it into a delicious freeze dried treat coated in dark chocolate. In May 2015 Rhuby Delights was launched – pioneering freeze dried rhubarb coated in dark chocolate. The natural and intense colour and flavour provides a real tang on the palate with great appeal … it is truly amazing.

Since those formative years in 2015 to 2017 where Rhuby was a bit like its owner Malcolm and had a few moves trying to find a base of its own. The Rhuby business started in the Forager Foods premises at Deloraine before moving into Devonfield Enterprises at Devonport. Special mention goes to John and Sophie Ranicar from Forager foods for the incubation of Rhuby as they allowed Malcolm to literally take over their factory to the point where they gave him a set of keys. Due to growing pains in early 2017 Malcolm secured the premises that is aptly called “The Rhuby Centre” in Latrobe from the Latrobe Council and now has three staff members that had all been at risk unemployed people before joining the Rhuby business and are all now a valuable part of the Rhuby business.

From pioneering Rhuby Delights in 2015 the company now holds the patent for the process of pureeing any fruit or vegetable and transforming it into a freeze dried, chocolate coated ball. Innovation and quality are always centre of mind at Rhuby, which has helped to make it one of Tasmania’s unique chocolate businesses.

In the years since Rhuby Delights were launched in 2015 the Rhuby brand has now become known for high quality and unique products that are gluten and nut free and free of all artificial colouring, flavourings and preservatives.

Rhuby products are now stocked across Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales in a range of gourmet stores, smaller supermarkets, providores and tourism destinations and can also be purchased right here on our online store. Be it Tasmanians, Australians or Tourists there is no excuse not to be able to purchase a Rhuby.

The Rhuby centre in Latrobe Tasmania, is the heart beat of Rhuby Innovations Pty Ltd where the innovation and production of Rhuby products occur. The business currently has three staff who also enjoy an environment with a philosophy of training, low footprint and fun. The Rhuby brand is about authenticity and operates on the principle that “complacency ruins perfection”.

Our products are 100% handmade in Tasmania and deliver a wow factor for any discerning chocaholic. We invite you, your family and friends to enjoy our delightfully different chocolate range.